Artwork to Share

This evening I noticed I've been using one photo as my background image across all my electronic devices. It's an image I love! I have a print of it in my home. The image gives me this feeling of softness and beauty. It has just enough depth of field to have a magical blur. It's a perfect image to use in the background of the screens I see everyday. 

The photograph was taken in Salt Lake City, where they have the most beautiful gardens and flower beds I have even seen. I was there in October of 2014 attending my first photography conference. Honestly, I was there because Sue Bryce was going to be there speaking and teach a few sessions. I learned a lot at the conference. I also brought home many images that are now personal favorites. 

I love this one image so much that I would like to share it with you. Please click the link to download a copy to use for yourself. Let me know your thoughts below and I look forward to sharing more!

Download the photo.

Brandi BleakComment