Newborn, Toddler and Children Photo Shoots

The ideal gift to all my new mom clients would be the gift of beautiful images throughout the pregnancy, birth, and first year of their baby's life. These images turn out so very delicate and lovely every time. Nothing else compares. 

I've included a few tips for the newborn shoot below!

Newborn Photo Shoot

taken during first two weeks after birth (days 3-10 are perfect).


Newborn Shoot Tips


  • Newborn photo shoots should be done in the first two weeks after birth to allow those adorable little curled up poses we all love so much.

  • Little ones sleep through most of the shoot, and that's perfect.

  • Sessions are usually done mid-morning to late-afternoon when natural lighting is as its best.

  • You'll want to loosen your baby's clothing and diaper about 30 minutes before the shoot so that we do not get any little lines or imprints on that perfectly smooth skin.

  • To encourage we get the baby comfortable and falling fast asleep it's great to keep him or her awake for a bit before the shoot. When we begin shooting, I'll have the heat up to encourage sleep too.

  • Another tip to keep the baby happy is a full tummy! Please feed and burp right before the shoot.

  • You'll want to give a nice sponge bath shortly before the shoot to give the best appearance of the skin.

  • We'll take as many breaks as we need to get the shots, so never feel stressed if the 'model' gets fussy. They're the star and we work around their mood every time :)